Twenty One Pilots fans are on high alert after a website link was found hidden within a gif on the TOP website. What they found immediately initiated a new round of theories and sparking a new hope inside the Clique.

Could the hiatus soon be over?

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If you recall Josh Dun's speech from the 2017 APMAs, he apologized to fans for Tyler's inability to be there to accept their Most Dedicated Fanbase award.

"Tyler wishes he could be here, but he’s actually severing ties with dema."

Of course, fans jumped on this hint immediately.

The word “Dema,” according to Wikipedia, could mean “tower of silence,” which fans are thinking links back to their tweets from the Twenty One Pilots account that showed an eye closing—with the final Tweet reading “and now I just sit in silence.”

While things have been pretty quiet on the TOP front for the past nine months, fans began picking up on something suspicious when people began noticing TOP's Blurryface album being sold with the album art inserted upside down.

Coincidentally enough, someone noticed a gif on the TOP website was replaced, with the new one showing a website link at the end.

Once slowed down the gif reveals, a website which sends you to an error code with a very cryptic message and violation code.

The message contains capitalized letters that end up spelling "EAST IS UP."

And if you add the violation code to the end of the link...

 The first image looks VERY familiar to the "Tower of Silence".

Fans were quick to find the missing part of TOP's map, which contained a compass with the "E" crossed just like in TOP's last tweet.

If you research the "Tower of Silence" you'll find that it is a circular, raised structure where dead bodies were left to be exposed to vultures. And what did fans notice in the middle of this "grave"? An image that looks exactly like Blurryface with the words correlating to the album's tracks.

Keeping in mind that "EAST IS UP" and "the compass lies"...

Turn the Blurryface image sideways so that east is up, correlate the songs to their track numbers, then you'll end up with the violation code.

And all those dates that are paired with the images on the "Dema" site?

Fans then remembered that the first eye lyric TOP posted was from "Polarize" and contained the lyrics "You'll have to come find me."

Could the track also double as a possible important date in the TOP timeline?

Adding to the suspicion about the eye possibly re-opening tomorrow:

It was also noted that TOP's label, Warner/Chapell, switched their home page track to an instrumental version of "Stressed Out." 

Is there a chance we could be getting some Twenty One Pilots news tomorrow? We're waiting on the edge of our seats to find out.

What do you think is going on with TOP? Let us hear those theories in the comments below!