Besides being a part of the epic drum collaboration that is bound to go down in history, Josh Dun also accepted Twenty One Pilots’ award for Most Dedicated Fanbase at the 2017 APMAs. And it appears he didn’t just thank the fans—but left a clue as to what his counterpart Tyler Joseph is up to.

“Tyler wishes he could be here, but he’s actually severing ties with dema,” Josh said.

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Of course, fans jumped on this hint immediately, and Reddit has a theory behind it all.

The word “Dema,” according to Wikipedia, could mean “tower of silence,” which fans are thinking links back to their tweets from the Twenty One Pilots account earlier this month that showed an eye closing—with the final Tweet reading “and now I just sit in silence.”

What makes this more suspicious is the fact that the Blurryface account mysteriously liked the fan tweet with the theory—then un-liked it.

[Photo by: Reddit]

While we’re not overly sure what this means, we are sure that Twenty One Pilots’ fans most definitely deserved the Most Dedicated Fanbase award.

Give the footage of Dun’s acceptance speech a watch for yourself below:

What do you think "severing ties with dema" could mean? Let us know in the comments below!

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