twenty one pilots' Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun recently spoke with Billboard on their new No. 1 albumBlurryface.

"We wrote this record almost completely on the road," explains Joseph. "Every night we were able to start playing two different people—that person who got up on stage every night and then that person who went back in that lounge and started writing songs. So we were able to ask ourselves every night, 'What do we wish our set had?' We look at songwriting very much through the filter of live music, so we wrote 1) whatever we love and 2) what we felt our live set needed. Looking back on this new record as a whole, you can tell we were really influenced in that way."

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Blurryface follows the band's breakthrough debut album, Vessel, which was released in 2013. 

"The songs we wrote were so different from each other," Joseph later adds, "so Josh and I did our research on these producers and what their strengths are, what they bring to the table. And we even dated a few more. Once we had the list of songs we wanted on the record we could tell which songs would work best with which producer. All these guys added something to the record, and we were very intentional about what songs they were going to produce. It really kind of kept everyone on their toes, but it was a perfect marriage with all these guys, so I'm happy we went about it the way we did and we're really happy about how it turned out." 

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