Back in May, Twilight fans around the world reacted to the news that Midnight Sun, a follow up to the series, is on the way. Now, Stephenie Meyer is revealing how she is writing her wrongs in the new book.

In a recent interview, the author reveals that Midnight Sun will include a missing scene from the original Twilight story that has always bothered her.

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Despite it never being officially released, Midnight Sun has a long history within the Twilight fandom. In 2008, a few chapters of the book were leaked online. In response, Meyer publicly posted 12 chapters for fans and said in a blog post that Midnight Sun would likely remain incomplete.

However, in a 2015 interview, the author revealed that she had begun working on the Breaking Dawn follow up again. Then, in May, Meyer shared that Midnight Sun is complete and ready to be released. 

Midnight Sun is a prequel to the Twilight saga, telling the story from Edward Cullen‘s perspective as opposed to Bella Swan‘s. Readers get to learn Cullen’s past and his experiences as a vampire.

Now, Meyer is revealing a key detail from Midnight Sun that will surely get Twilight fans excited. In a new interview, Meyer says that the upcoming book features a new scene to the sequence that appeared in the original novels.

For Meyer, the particular missing scene from the original Twilight story involving the meadow has bothered her for years.

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"I was able to get back to the story again," she says. "and also write the little missing piece from the meadow that has always driven me crazy!"

In the interview, Meyer doesn't say which key detail was missing from the scene. However, she did share why it was originally taken out of the first Twilight book.

"I just expected an editor to say to me at some point, 'what happened here? Why don't you fill this in? Why isn't that there?' And then no one ever did, and so it was like, 'okay, I guess it's not that important,'" she continues.

The meadow is an important location in the Twilight saga. In the first book, it is a place where Cullen visits to find peace and quiet before meeting Swan. For those that don't remember, the meadow is also where Swan officially accepts that Cullen is a vampire and they begin their relationship together. After he reveals himself as a vampire in the forest, the two lie together in the meadow, marking one of the story's most famous scenes. The meadow also appears in various other scenes throughout the series.

Midnight Sun is out on Aug. 4 and can be preordered here.

The meadow scene from Twilight is available to watch below.

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