Twilight fans, rejoice! If you ever wanted to see the first film in the saga unfold on screen while the score plays live in the background, boy, do we have some good news for you.

As another installment of Lionsgate’s live-to-tour concert events, the production company has just revived the vampire franchise for a special world tour. According to Deadline, the live-to-tour series will start in Brazil in August and make its way to parts of Australia and the UK.

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On the tour, a full orchestra will play Carter Burwell's score as a timed screening plays.

While the concept may seem innovative and new, Lionsgate has actually done similar events before with films such as The Hunger Games and La La Land. As The Wrap reports, Lionsgate has delivered live-to-concert shows over 125 times in 25 countries.

“We’re thrilled to launch another live-to-film tour in the footsteps of our Hunger Games and La La Land international concert events,” Lionsgate’s Jenefer Brown says. “The combination of author Stephenie Meyer’s brilliant storytelling, Carter Burwell’s musical genius, and a truly legendary underlying film and book property will continue to expand the world of Twilight and introduce it to legions of new fans around the world.”

As a refresher, you can watch the trailer to the 2008 flick below.

In other Twilight-related news, Paramore fans recently reacted to Robert Pattinson's comments regarding the film's soundtrack.

While Pattinson has expressed on numerous occasions his iffiness regarding his vampire role, he admits that he has recently had a change of heart and that music for the saga was “ahead of its time.”

Would you want to go to the Twilight live-to-tour concert series? Sound off in the comments below.

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