Twin Atlantic are back with the debut of their brand new track “Novocaine” and the announcement of their charged-up fourth LP, POWER.

Check out the new song and the album’s tracklist below!

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“Novocaine” marks the first track from the forthcoming record, slated to debut January 24, 2020 via Virgin EMI.

“I wanted to force myself to be more honest and open,” says Twin Atlantic’s Sam McTrusty. “The song tells the story of the most intimate connection I’ve ever felt with someone else – when I first met my wife. That feeling of obsession taking over every thought and reason was almost like an addiction at the time. It embarrasses us in some ways that we fell victim to such a cliched movie script love story, but equally amazes us that it ever happened.”

You can listen to the song in the player below and stream the track here.

POWER will feature 8 tracks and two interludes with a simple message: here are their new songs, take them – and the band – as you find them.

“There’s not a single other thing we could have done to be back in control of our own futures,” bassist Ross McNae says of the album.

McTrusty adds, “The album is inspired by colors, moods, memories. We just got into a room and started creating. The studio as its own instrument reached a new level – we created nothing outside those walls and it became a physical embodiment of the album itself.

“‘POWER’ is our own example that there’s always a way forward when you are faced with limitations and red lights. It’s reignited our ambition and drive for what we can achieve. Hearing these songs, that’s what I feel and hear: power. And that’s what the last two years have made us feel as a band: totally empowered.”

POWER Tracklisting:
  1. Oh! Euphoria!
  2. Barcelona
  3. Novocaine
  4. Mount Bungo (Interlude)
  5. I Feel It Too
  6. Ultraviolet Truth
  7. Asynchronous (Interlude)
  8. Volcano
  9. Messiah
  10. Praise Me

The album is currently available for preorder, here.

Starting in March, the band will also kick off their UK tour.

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