TWIN XL may not be able to see each other in person, but the band put their heads together to create a nostalgic and vibrant music video with TV sets for “Melt” in quarantine, which is exclusively being premiered with AltPress.

Pop trio Cameron Walker-Wright (Nekokat) and brothers John and Stephen Gomez (The Summer Set) didn’t let social distancing stop them from collaborating with video director Jade Ehlers, who’s collaborated with the likes of Weezer, Tessa Violet and Fall Out Boy.

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TWIN XL have shared a variety of hits such as singles “Good” and “Messy” as well as their 2019 EP, How To Talk To Strangers. “Melt” serves as the first single to their forthcoming debut album and is catchy, bright tune perfect for summer. 

AltPress had the chance to catch up with frontman Walker-Wright and talk about how they made the music video during a pandemic as well as how the band plan to spend the rest of 2020. Check out the full interview and music video below. 

A lot of artists have been taking different approaches to making music videos while isolating, whether they’re utilizing fan submissions or doing at-home performances. How did your idea for this unique video come together? What was the easiest part of making a video like this, and what was your biggest challenge?

Making the music video for “Melt” was an enlightening experience. We all shot footage ourselves separately in our houses, and our director Jade Ehlers had to guide us through the process in order to get the right shots. It was definitely a learning experience, but I love how it came together.

You worked with Jade Ehlers previously on “Messy.” What was it like working together again to bring your vision to life for this video? Why was he the right choice for the project?

Jade has actually worked on nearly every single music video and video content piece that we have released. He is a true visionary through and through. He understands our vibe and who we are as artists—then he takes that to a whole new level. I can’t really imagine working with anyone else.

What has it been like for you to collaborate as a band during quarantine? How have you coped with social distancing from each other for several months?

Writing and recording remotely definitely has its pros and cons. I think while there are challenges that come along with it, it also has allowed us to more fully realize ideas before bringing them to the table to one another. I feel like the time physically apart has inspired ideas for us all to build on that may not have necessarily happened if we were in the room together.

What personal experiences and feelings, if any, did you share in “Melt”? What should listeners take away from this single?

“Melt” is about how much we lose ourselves in other people to the point that we almost become unrecognizable to our friends and the people around us. I’m quite guilty of this myself and definitely pulled from personal experience while we were writing the song. Whenever I fall into a relationship, I tend to let it consume all aspects of my life—and not always in the healthiest way.

In your opinion, how has your music and writing grown since your debut EP, How To Talk To Strangers?

I think “Messy” was a total departure from the EP, and the same goes for “Melt.” We wrote that EP over the course of a year, and we hadn’t intended on necessarily starting a band together until about halfway through the process. I think what we are writing now is much more refined and with more purpose and intention. We spend a lot more time discussing what we want to say and what type of message we want to send to listeners. That being said, it’s in our nature and in our blood to write catchy songs, and I don’t see that part of our sound changing anytime soon.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2020? What should fans expect within the year?

The world is such a scary place right now. The past few months have truly felt like a nightmare that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Our plan before all of this stuff went down was to start working on our album right when we got back from tour with Fitz And The Tantrums, and that’s exactly what we are doing. In some ways, music is really the only thing keeping us going, and right now, more than ever, I feel like as creators, it is our responsibility to keep doing that for our listeners. You can expect more music, more videos and more art from us. You can expect more TWIN XL because right now especially, we need it as much as you do.