After Twisted Sister got wind that Australian politician Clive Palmer had rewritten some of the lyrics to their infamous "We're Not Gonna Take It" to use in his political campaign, they gave a big N-O we ain't gonna take it.

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Palmer is currently trying to earn another run at federal parliament under the United Australian Party. His ads have popped up everywhere from YouTube to Facebook, an ad which just so happens to include a rendition of the Twisted Sister track that Palmer re-wrote himself.
You can watch a short clip of one below, where the lyrics "We're not gonna take it" are mangled into "Australia ain't gonna cop it".

And just in case you have no idea what Twisted Sister tack I'm talking about:

Fans were quick to point it out to the band, who immediately distanced themselves from Palmer and cleared the air in regards to the use of their track.

The Australian politician responded to Snider's tweet:

But Snider wasn't having any of that:

In a statement to 10 Daily, Palmer defended his use of the song stating:

"I wrote the words personally that appear on our promotion and hold the copyright for those words. I understand [the band's] current proposed tour has been slow to sell tickets. This is understandable given how long ago they had any influence in the world of music. It’s been a long time between rock 'n' roll drinks. As foreigners they should stay out of Australian domestic politics and stay where they are."

This is not the first run-in Palmer has had in regards to bands asking him to stop using their music.
Chumbawamba demanded the politician stop using their song "Tub Thumping" in an ad Palmer released in 2018.

What's your take on politicians using band's tracks for political ads? Sound off in the comments below!

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