Imagine waking up after a nap to find out people—like, a lot of people—watched you sleep? That's what happened to a Twitch streamer.

Before you mention the creepiness of the situation, the whole thing was actually pretty nice, since fans kept donating and commenting on the video. You can watch a clip of the stream below.

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Twitch streamer JesseDStreams fell asleep for three hours doing a livestream, and woke up to a surprise. A really good one.

As Mashable notes, there were 200 people watching as he slept, even after that whole time. As creepy as it might sound, the situation is actually pretty cool. First of all, it shows he's popular enough that people are willing to wait for him to wake up and go back to streaming the game.

However, there's something even better: Fans kept interacting in the chat while he slept. They weren't only posting comments and wondering what had happening, but also kept sending donations.

That's a pretty cool sight to wake up to, isn't it? He thought so, and you can watch his reaction in a clip below, that shows the moment he wakes up and sees what has been going on in the livestream.

The video was shared to Reddit, and accumulated some pretty cool—and funny—reactions. People were amused by the streamer falling asleep and paid attention to a lot of details, which makes us think that some fans actually watched the full three hours of the livestream.





Also, if you're into watching others sleep, here's a clip of him waking up and finding out he'd been streaming his nap the whole time.

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