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11 Twitch streamers who are also crafting their own original music

Since its creation over a decade ago, Twitch has always been a place where people can game while connecting with viewers who share their interests. While categories such as Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto and VALORANT are played by thousands upon thousands of streamers daily, another section of the platform flourishes: music

One of the top 20 most streamed categories on Twitch, music is a place to find DJs with complex sets, acoustic singers armed with only a guitar and everything in between. While some musicians use Twitch to perform and promote their musical endeavors, some also just stream to have fun playing games with their friends.

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Whether you can find them in the music or gaming categories, here are 11 Twitch streamers making music who deserve to be on your radar.


mxmtoon went from recording her self-released 2018 EP plum blossom in her parents’ guest bedroom to reaching nearly 500 million streams worldwide. Despite large numbers across the board, including almost 6 million Spotify followers, she still takes time to connect with her fans on a personal level via her Twitch channel. mxmtoon’s streams are a place of comfort, with guitars hanging on the wall and potted plants surrounding the singer as she plays both covers and original songs.


Steven Suptic, the mastermind behind the indie-pop project SUGR?, is both a comedian and a gamer. On his Twitch channel, he plays games such as Among Us (which quickly shot to popularity during quarantine last year), Fall Guys and VALORANT. SUGR?’s music matches the chill energy of Suptic’s streams, with plenty of compelling guitar riffs and synth parts. If you’re wanting a new indie obsession, look no further than SUGR?.

Stephanie Poetri

21-year-old Stephanie Poetri found her musical breakthrough when her Avengers: Endgame-inspired song “I Love You 3000” went viral online. Poetri combines her love for music and gaming on her Twitch channel, where she plays games such as Apex Legends. She also hosts streams where she performs her original songs for viewers. You can read more about Poetri in the 100 Artists You Need To Know issue of Alternative Press here.


Music has always been a huge part of Twitch, and that was further proved when the platform made music an entire category instead of just a topic. Now, artists such as Canadian singer-songwriter JordinLaine, whose streams focus entirely on music, can reach a much bigger audience. The artists’s soulful voice fills the room as she performs her original songs for viewers in an authentic and stripped-back manner.


Known as TheAlbertChang on Twitch and albie on Spotify, Albert Chang is a hobbyist who 3D-prints objects, does card tricks and has even restored a rusty Japanese chef knife on his streams. Boasting over half a million followers on his YouTube channel, he makes dreamy lo-fi music. He also recently announced that all of his music is DMCA-free, meaning others can play his songs on their own stream free from the fear of getting a copyright strike.

Scene Of Action

While the pandemic introduced a new virtual aspect of live music performances, Joel Montgomery of Scene Of Action has been doing just that for years on his Twitch channel. Scene Of Action transitioned into a solo act in 2015 after beginning as a band in 2007. He uses nine cameras—including a fascinating angle from the end of his guitar—controlled by foot switches to give viewers high-quality, cinematic performances. Then add in flashing LED lights, hazy smoke and lots of explosion graphics. Scene Of Action’s streams are an amazing sight to behold.

Alanna Matty

Need a break from the chaos of life? Look no further than Alanna Matty’s Twitch channel. With a warm and inviting feel, her peaceful corner of the internet is a welcome escape from reality. Streaming four times a week, the raw emotions captured in Matty’s live performances easily allow viewers to connect with her on a deeper level.


English indie-rock band Lovejoy are fairly new in the scene, with only one EP, Are You Alright?, released in May. However, thanks in part to lead vocalist Wilbur Soot’s Twitch channel, the group have already racked up over 50 million streams and almost 2 million Spotify followers. Soot, who has garnered fans on Twitch due to his involvement in the Minecraft community, also makes solo music. Sonically similar to Lovejoy’s music, his songs are generally witty and irreverent, with names such as “Internet Ruined Me,” “I’m Sorry Boris” and “I’m In Love With An E-Girl.”

Megan Lenius

At the beginning of 2021, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda called for fans to submit songs that he could produce live on his Twitch channel. Singer-songwriter Megan Lenius was one musician picked, and he later streamed the entire process of producing her song “Not Your Game” from start to finish. A streamer herself, Lenius goes live five days a week, performing her original songs about love and relationships in a candid and relatable way.


LilyPichu first gained popularity in 2011 after her parody song “I’ll Quit LoL” went viral on YouTube. Since then, she has created a community on her Twitch channel through her art and gaming streams. While she frequently plays games such as Minecraft and Genshin Impact, she also uses her platform to showcase her art. Her music features her sugary-sweet voice and pop-infused instrumentals that match one of her song titles all too well.

Lindsey Stirling

You may recognize the name Lindsey Stirling from her iconic choreographed violin performances on YouTube, starting with her appearance on America’s Got Talent in 2010. Her mixture of classical music, hip-hop and pop create a unique experience for fans. Her Twitch streams allow viewers to get an even more personalized experience as they watch her practice the violin, edit her videos and more.