Have you ever crafted the perfect tweet only to realize there's a typo in it right after posting? Yeah, we've all been there. Since the beginning of Twitter, users have been begging for an edit button. So far, however, the social media platform hasn't caved in yet after years of requests.

Now, Twitter has jokingly revealed the only way it will give users an edit button.

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On Thursday, Twitter jokingly shared with users the only way it will release an edit button. The company keeps its request simple - wear a face mask. As COVID-19 cases continue to spike in the United States, the social media giant is asking individuals to do their part in helping to contain the outbreak.

The concept of wearing face masks has been controversial. Many citizens feel that they should only have to wear face masks if they want to. So far, various research has proven that face masks are one way to help slow the spread of coronavirus. As well, many government mandates and stores are now requiring individuals to wear face masks when out in public. Nevertheless, some are arguing on if the government can legally require someone to wear a mask.

Twitter's response comes after recent calls for Americans to start wearing face masks amid the ongoing pandemic. On Wednesday, Donald Trump said that he's "all for masks" in a statement. However, he later states that there shouldn't be a nationwide mandate for citizens to wear them while outdoors.

Amongst the controversy, Twitter is jokingly withholding its edit button until more people start wearing masks in public.

According to a Twitter rep, the tweet is merely a joke and the company does not plan to release an edit button.

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