[Photos by: Adam Ellis/Twitter]

Infamous Twitter "ghost" Dear David is back, and the new images of the supposed apparition are making our skin crawl. Take a look below and see if you can suss out the social media ghost story that's spreading like wildfire.

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Twitter user Adam Ellis has been keeping readers on edge with his stories of Dear David, the purported ghost of a dead child that's been haunting his apartment. Read through his original exploits here. Over the past few months, Ellis has been trying to capture a photo of the apparent entity that's stalking his dreams, but he hasn't quite been successful—that is, until now.

Read the entirety of Ellis' latest Twitter thread below, and see the chilling (but extremely dark) photos at the tail end of the chain. Apparently, he's finally caught David on film! At the very end, see various other Twitter users' enhancements of said photos, and prepare to be shook to the core.

And here are some enhanced photos of Ellis' latest Dear David scare:

Aah! Well, we're legitimately freaked out. So, what do you think? Is Dear David's evil reign on this man's apartment only escalating, or has the specter finally jumped the shark? Do you think the photos are real or fake? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know your take on Dear David.

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