[Photos by: Adam Ellis/Twitter]

Twitter user and comic writer Adam Ellis is nearly convinced that his apartment is haunted after a series of incredibly spooky events, and he's documenting the whole thing online. Read Ellis' tweets below for the complete, heart-stopping timeline of what he's calling the "Dear David" ghost—it's super freaky!

Weird stuff keeps happening to Ellis, so we added his new tweets. Scroll down to check the updates!

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In the haunted Twitter story that's currently gripping the internet, Ellis recounts vivid details of the apparent "ghost of a dead child" that's purportedly making the dude's life a living hell. Buckle in, this is for sure a bumpy ride. (via KIIS-FM)

It all starts with the author's sleep paralysis (which, honestly, can be very frightening) that becomes a bit too corporeal. (We're covering our eyes!)

Hang on, it gets worse.

Now it's, um, time to ask the ghost some questions?!

Oh, God!

Okay, so now the cats know something is up!

Ah, no, thank you! Okay, so, now Ellis gets some Twitter advice to start recording his apartment at night (great idea?!), which he does.

Then, Ellis takes a seemingly (!) unrelated selfie. Here it is:

Until another user points out the "ghost" behind him?!

After experimenting with the recordings, Ellis starts fooling around with some Polaroid shots of the place. The results will make your BLOOD. RUN. COLD.

Ellis then offers Polaroid proof: Real-time video of him snapping the pics.

This just doesn't end, so Ellis gets some sage.

But it doesn't work.

This is all just getting too real for us!

Oh. My. God. Now he starts getting creepy calls.


OMG. Now there's video.

Watch the chair! Watch the chair!


UPDATE: Friday, Sept. 15 at 2:30 p.m. EDT

The cats are acting weird again!

Honestly, same.


That could explain it.

Eesh! Here's how we basically feel about the whole thing!

What do you think about this scary situation? Are you convinced that the "Dear David" ghost is actually haunting the dude?

The cats! The Polaroids! THE CHAIR! It's all too much!

Dear David, we'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.

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