[Photo by: Giselle Dias]

Twitter has locked Waterparks' Awsten Knight out of his personal account for the next 12 hours, all over a tweet he made about Jell-O nearly two years ago.

No. We're not joking.

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Awsten is known for his always entertaining presence on social media, but when he took to Twitter to continue his all-caps tweets this evening, he was in for a cruel surprise.

Knight pleaded with the social media giants, doing his best to negotiate his way out of the suspension.

Unfortunately, Twitter showed no sympathy.

Knight is known for sharing some pretty outrageous, brutally honest and overly-informative tweets from his account, so when Twitter shared the tweet that got Knight's account suspended, you could say we were all a bit.... shocked.

We're not sure we can handle an Awsten-less Twitter for the next 12 hours, so please Twitter, give Awsten his account back. It's far too quiet without him.

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