In case you haven't heard, Tyler Joseph is going to be a dad! With parenthood comes the responsibility of naming the infant, and the twenty one pilots singer says he has some ideas.

In September, Joseph revealed that his wife is pregnant. When asked what his feelings were about becoming a father, the singer shared that he’s a little bit anxious.

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“I’m nervous,” Joseph says in an interview. “My wife is pregnant, but I’m so excited. “My dad is just looking forward to watching me be the dad now.”

In regards to what Dun will be referred to as when the baby is born, the drummer already had an idea.

“I’m happy to be Uncle Josh,” he says. “I’ll give my input, but I’m not ready to mess up a kid.”

Reddit users also pitched in their own ideas for the new baby girl's name, and they're pretty funny.


Whatever Tyler and his wife Jenna decide on for their baby's name, we're sure it'll be great.

More on Tyler Joseph and twenty one pilots

Twenty one pilots recently opened up about the start of their career and life on the road. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun also revealed they probably won’t be disappearing again anytime soon.

Drummer Josh Dun revealed that he has a hard time finding things to do between tours and recalls what the band thought when they first began booking shows.

“When we first started, when we had shows ahead on the calendar, we were like ‘Cool, the band’s moving forward because we’re playing shows,” he says. “So there is kind of a bittersweet thing when you go home. Now we’ve been on the road for a long time, and there’s still this psychological thing where if we’re not on the road, no one is listening to our band.”

Joseph later adds some of the fears the duo used to face when it came to performing at shows.

When it comes to upcoming releases, the band said they probably won’t be disappearing as they did in the past.

“I think completely going off the grid was tough for both of us” Dun confesses. “I don’t know if it would be that. We’re both wired to always be wanting to do something that pushes us forward.”

Check out the full interview here.

What do you think Tyler Joseph's baby's name will be? Comment your ideas down below!

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