Tyler Posey is officially stepping into a spotlight all his own with his debut solo single "Shut Up."

To help bring the new pop-punk single to life, Posey teamed up with Travis Barker and phem. As well, "Shut Up" was co-written and produced by legendary producer John Feldmann.

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Over the years, Posey has forged a career both on and off-screen. Following his time on MTV's hit show Teen Wolf, Posey became the vocalist and guitarist for the pop-punk band PVMNTS. Then, after parting ways with the project in 2019, he went on to form Five North. Last year, the band released their debut full-length album Scumbag which features hits such as "This Mess," "Homesick" and "Happier Now."

Now, Posey is stepping out on his own for a new solo project. Last month, he exclusively told Alternative Press that he’s releasing all of his new music under his solo project going forward. As well, he teased that a collab with phem and Travis Barker was on the way.

“I used to have a band, Five North, but I’m going to start releasing music under my name," he says. "I’ve got 14 songs recorded that I’m going to split into two seven-track EPs. My first single featuring phem and Travis Barker is coming out [in March]. It’s really cool. [blink-182]’s my favorite band.”

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Along with phem and Travis Barker, Posey also reunited with legendary producer John Feldmann, who produced Five North's debut LP, for his first solo single "Shut Up."

As it turns out, Posey's new solo venture is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For Posey, the early days of the pandemic last year were rather pronounced for him. While stuck at home, Posey began exploring the deep-rooted anxiety, depression and childhood trauma that manifested into both drug and alcohol abuse.

"I’ve experimented with different things since I was a kid, then took a break,” Posey says of his past drug use. “As soon as quarantine really hit, I was in a weird place. I didn’t have anything else to do."

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Eventually, he found himself turning to music and creating in a whole new way. During a recent trip, Posey wrote some lyrics that eventually became the verses to "Shut Up." Soon after, he brought his ideas to Feldmann where they co-wrote the rest of the track together. When it came time to record "Shut Up," Posey knew he wanted phem to be involved. Eventually, Barker joined in on the project, too.

"From start to finish, this song really did feel like something special,” Posey says. “I wrote the verses on a trip in an RV with my dogs and my friend and felt like it was progressing so naturally in a perfect way. I took those bones to John Feldmann and phem and when she went into the vocal booth to record her vocals, I was so stoked. [I] had been wanting her on a track but was too nervous to ask. It was an emotional session and then finally to get Travis to play drums on it is just literally a dream come true. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome."

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Posey continues to show his pop-punk roots and influences on "Shut Up." However, this debut single unveils a more sensitive side to Posey that PVMNTS and Five North fans haven't heard before.

Both Posey and phem's emotional vocals on "Shut Up" highlight the vulnerable narrative that inspired the single. As well, Barker's signature drum style further elevates the song, creating a piece of work that will resonate with both new and old pop-punk fans alike. Stream it here or below.

Of course, this isn't the first time Posey and phem have collaborated together. Last month, the duo unveiled their single "This Luv Sux," as part of the musical podcast Valentine’s Day In Hell. Following its release, Posey further explained to Alternative Press that phem is one of his favorite people to write with. In fact, they have already created numerous new songs together.

"The first time we wrote with each other, John Feldmann invited her to come write with me. It was so easy," he said. "We have similar writing styles, trying to be relatable but creative and poetic at the same time. We just write really well with each other. So, after the first song, we wrote like seven more. Each only took a couple of hours to fully flesh out, and I feel like that’s unique with two writers. 'This Luv Sux' was the same thing. I came over, and we wrote our verses in like 10 minutes. We just have really strong chemistry [in that sense]. We both have colorful hair. It just works, and it’s really cool. She’s my favorite person to write with."

What are your reactions to Tyler Posey's debut solo single? Do you want phem, Travis Barker and Tyler Posey to release more new music in the future? Let us know in the comments below.