Less than a year after formation, actor/musician Tyler Posey has left pop-punk act PVMNTS. The band released their first track “Standing (On My Own Two Feet)” last June with their debut Better Days EP dropping shortly after.

The band consisted of Posey on vocals/guitar, Freddy Ramirez on vocals/guitar and Nick Guzman on drums. Following Posey and Guzman announcing they were leaving the band, Ramirez shared a statement of his own.

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Earlier this month, the band’s account shared an update on their status:

“Hey guys! We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding new music, touring, our store being down, past merch orders, etc. We have been going through a lot of changes behind the scenes and that has unfortunately slowed us down a bit.

“Although we’ve hit a small bump in the road, we have had more time to perfect everything that we have been doing before. We are still working, still writing, still going strong.
Here is a little update on what is going on with us right now:

“- We are focused on writing at the moment and we are absolutely stoked to show you all what we have been working on.
- The new PVMNTS storefront is being worked on and will go live ASAP.
- New merchandise is in the works and will launch along with the new store.

As always, we appreciate every single one of you, your patience and your support. Thank you so much for being a part of this. And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming... Much love.”

Yesterday, Posey announced his departure and start of an unnamed new project on Instagram.

“To anyone who was following my band @pvmntsband , I’ve decided to leave and begin a different music project, more on that soon. But just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to the shows and supported us. It meant and still means the world to me. See you back on the stage soon”

Guzman shared a collection of photos with the band, which touched on his decision to part ways. He explains he has “a thingy [he’s] working on too.” While he doesn’t expand on it in the caption, his Instagram bio points fans to @ignore.band where it states “music coming.” It’s unclear if Posey and Guzman will be in this project together or have completely parted ways.

“hey everybody. been sitting on this for a bit, but i think its time to let yall know im no longer with pvmnts.  i feel extremely fortunate i was able to travel and play music for the past year with people that i call family, and that i was able to share the stage with bands and musicians i respect very much.

“please continue to support freddy in pvmnts, and please support tyler’s new project. i got a thingy im working on, too. im grateful to anybody and everybody that has ever come out to a show, listened to our music, told their friends about us, etc. that means the world to me. ?”

Shortly after, the PVMNTS Twitter account announced the band “is not dead.”

Today, Ramirez shared another update after Posey and Guzman left the band “to clear some stuff up.”

Ramirez explains both Posey and Guzman left the band by their own decision and wouldn’t share any information on why they chose to do so, leaving it up to them to fill fans in.

He also shares the band will continue, and new music is currently being written. Ramirez states anything from a single to an EP to a full-length could drop soon.

You can watch Ramirez’s statement in full below.

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