The CW is gearing up to work on a remake of the 1987 classic vampire flick The Lost Boys. The original film tells the story of two boys who find that their new town is a hotspot for vampires.

The adaptation will feature Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey alongside other actors such as Kiele Sanchez (The Purge: Anarchy), Medalion Rahimi (NCIS), and newcomer Dakota Shapiro.

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Additionally, according to Comicbook, the revival may see the main characters in a new light. A video with Collider reveals that the original's main brothers may actually turn into sisters. However, it is also said that that the adaptation will follow closely to the original.

However, Teen Wolf is not the only prior experience this fine cast and crew will have under their belts by the time they go to shoot. In fact, the Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke is also shooting The Lost Boys’ pilot.

That said, the show is not guaranteed to run according to Entertainment Weekly. However, a pilot is for sure in the cards for the streaming network.

You can watch the film’s original 1987 trailer below.

Aside from the Lost Boys reboot, Posey talked of the possibility of a Teen Wolf movie last year

“For Teen Wolf, that’s what I’ve said since the beginning of that show,” Posey says of a potential reboot. “I’ve always wanted to do that. So, I’m all for it.”

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Clearly, there is a media demand for sexy vampires. Recently, Halsey proposed a brilliant remake of the Twilight saga. While the new series would still uphold the traditional love of vampires, it would take on more homoerotic undertones.

However, Halsey ended up admitting that she was joking about her perfect proposal.
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