Tyson Ritter is entering a new chapter in his career with his latest project, Now More Than Ever. The former All-American Rejects frontman has big plans of continuing to embrace his pop-punk roots following the release of Now More Than Ever's debut single, "Don't Rush, Don't Wait."

Along with their first single, the band have also announced that their debut album, Creatrix, will drop March 17. Chiefly, Now More Than Ever have made it clear that they're on a mission to uphold the pillars of pop and rock.

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The trio comprises Ritter, Scott Chesak (All-American Rejects, Weezer) and Izzy Fontaine (Taking Back Sunday, Tegan And Sara). A preview of what's to come, their debut track explodes with lively energy and sounds like a true homage to pop punk with an infectious, upbeat hook. Lyrically, Ritter sings of being enamored with the girl who "smokes her cigarettes like Joan Jett" while mulling over ways to approach her.

In the far-out visual, the band are floating in space in the year 2137. While they're asleep at first, a buzzing alarm can be heard that wakes them up, summoning them to their expedition — an analogy fitting for Now More Than Ever. "We were all artistically on autopilot or sleeping, and the music woke us up," Ritter explains in a press release. "Together with Jon Danovic, we got to create a visual representation of this awakening that embodies what music is to us: freedom, joy and adventure."

Listen to "Don't Rush, Don't Wait" below.