To our delight, the third season of The Umbrella Academy is set to be filmed in February, meaning we only have to wait a little longer to answer those lingering questions we were left with at the end of season 2. 

And the creators of the show have definitely been making us even more anxious for the next season. Just recently, Netflix finally introduced the actors joining the cast of season 3 as members of The Sparrow Academy.

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And there’s been talk that comic creator and My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way might be making a cameo in the next season, only further fueling our excitement. 

In honor of all the exciting news, and to hold you over while you await season 3, we decided to figure out which Umbrella Academy character you are the most like based on your own zodiac sign. You can check that out below. 

Aries – Number Five

Aries is known for being assertive and brave, with a short temper that can be ruthless. Number Five is all of these things. He’s fiercely independent and can be impulsive but always works hard to achieve his goals, even if it takes years. Also, his tendency to dismiss the intelligence of others can be a result of the sign’s pride and confidence. 

Taurus – Luther

Tauruses are known for being stubborn, but they’re also one of the most loyal signs there is. "Spaceboy" is the most loyal to Reginald and will do anything he says because he trusts him fiercely, a trait that can be both a positive and negative to Tauruses. Also, his super-human strength is likely just as strong as a Taurus’ will to defend their beliefs. That’s how hard-headed they can be sometimes, but it’s only because they're confident in their convictions. 

Gemini – Allison

"The Rumor" is a textbook Gemini. This sign is social and will do anything to be liked, which is why people can say they have a tendency to be fake. Geminis are probably the biggest gossip of the zodiac, which is Allison’s whole shtick—she'll make up lies to get what she wants and manipulate others. Also, Number Three has a tendency to be moody, which is another trait attributed to the air sign. 

Cancer – Vanya

And while Allison is a textbook Gemini, Vanya is the definition of a Cancer. Vanya is emotional, and her powers run off that quality. Also, like many Cancers, family is most important, which is why Vanya takes it so hard when she's neglected and lied to by her family. She feels comfortable in situations where she feels like she’s with family, such as when she stays with Sissy and feels nurtured and loved. And the lack of stability and love can lead to her powers going haywire. 

Leo – The Handler

Leos are known for their determination, strength and love of being the boss. That's pretty much how The Handler approaches her role in the universe. She has a clear agenda—that time shouldn't be changed—and she will do whatever in her power to maintain that. She’s also extremely confident and can be a bit boastful, which is how most people describe Leos. 

Virgo – Ben

Ben is as mysterious as any Virgo, which can make it hard for people to understand him. However, like Virgos themselves probably know, when they do allow themselves to open up to people, they're loyal and will do anything for their loved ones, just like Ben’s dependent relationship to Klaus. Virgos are the sign of introverts, and Ben is the introverted member of The Umbrella Academy. 

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Libra – Sissy

Libras have the uncanny ability to remain calm in times of turmoil and always make decisions they feel are right in their heart. That's how Sissy approaches life. Even when she has to live a lie and take on the role of a submissive housewife, she has an independent sense of right and wrong. Also, she knows when she has to be the strong one to protect those around her. 

Scorpio – Diego

Scorpios are strong and dependable, but if you mess with them, you don’t want to feel their wrath. That’s exactly how we feel about “The Kraken.” If anyone dares to cross him, Diego can use his powers with reckless abandon to make his enemies regret ever going against him in the first place. 

Sagittarius – Hazel

Hazel might not have the stereotypical personality of a carefree Sagittarius, but he has the undeniable need to feel free, which is why he abandons Cha-Cha and runs away with Agnes. He shares the Sagittarius trait of having trouble focusing because he’s always dreaming about bigger and better things. 

Capricorn – Sir Reginald

Reginald is the responsible leader of The Umbrella Academy who has the cold, disciplined personality of this workhouse sign. Reginald, like any determined Cap, can be tough on people because he pushes success and always needs to find “usefulness” in any decision he makes. He’s also happiest when on a tight schedule and no one is questioning authority, which any Capricorn who’s led a team on a group project can relate to. 

Aquarius – Pogo

Pogo is unlike anyone else in The Umbrella Academy universe (and not just because he’s a highly advanced chimp). He’s unique in the sense that he’s independent and keeps to himself, which Aquarians who get in their head a lot can sympathize with. That gives this sign a mysterious edge, just like Pogo, who always seems to be harboring a few secrets that he’ll never dare tell. 

Pisces – Klaus

To start, Pisces is known for having psychic abilities. That's comparable to Klaus’ powers of speaking to the dead and possessing people. Because Klaus, and maybe a few Pisces, live in this world between the living and the dead, he’s imaginative and distracted. But who wouldn’t be? Klaus is also eccentric and fun, loving to be playful and dress extravagantly, which is a trait of this artistic water sign.