The highly-anticipated second season of The Umbrella Academy premiered on Netflix on July 31. Shortly following its premiere, it was revealed that 43 Easter eggs are hidden throughout the season.

Now, The Umbrella Academy is finally letting fans know where each Easter egg appears in the new episodes.

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On Aug. 7, The Umbrella Academy revealed that 43 Easter eggs are sneakily hidden in season 2. As this announcement came nearly a week after the season's premiere, many TUA fans rewatched the season to try and find every single one.

However, the task is proving to be challenging as the Easter eggs are not easily visbile. As showrunner Steve Blackman previously shared, they purposefully made the Easter eggs hard to find.

"We specifically wanted to sit down and say, ‘Here are the Easter eggs we want to put in, let’s make a list of them.’ They’re everywhere. I think the fans will get a real kick once you start realizing what we’ve put in.”

The Umbrella AcademyVanya
Both the number 43 and sparrow symbol are greatly significant in the
Umbrella AcademyThe Umbrella Academy
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Lila, the eighth “extraordinary” baby, arrives in season 2. This leads to the sparrow imagery found in the Easter eggs. In the last moments of season 2, The Umbrella Academy arrives back in the “present time,” but soon learn things aren’t quite what they seem. Instead of Hargreeves starting The Umbrella Academy, he created The Sparrow Academy. The latter academy features all-new members from the original 43 children born on Oct. 1, 1989.

The Sparrow Academy is part of the original comics created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. However, they don’t appear until the end of the third volume. Blackman recently explained why they decided to include the Sparrow Academy in the show early.

“I have a wonderful collaboration with Gerard and we talk a lot about where he wants to go with the different volumes of the comics,” he says. “I had an idea for the end of this season, a little similar to what the Sparrows were. When I heard he was doing the Sparrows, I got super excited.”

Alternative Press recently interviewed Justin H. Min who revealed some new secrets about The Sparrow Academy and what's in store for Ben Hargreeves in season 3.

Did you find all 43 Easter eggs in The Umbrella Academy season 2? Let us know in the comments below.