The Umbrella Academy fans have discovered an easter egg in the show about Number Five that we can’t believe we missed.

One Twitter user posted screenshots from a scene in the nursery that shows the wallpaper that depict the end of the world

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“Maybe someone already noticed it, but I will repeat. What the fuck, five is depicted on the wallpaper in the nursery? @AidanRGallagher what is your character doing there?” the tweet reads.

The wallpaper shows Five toting around his love interest because everyone died, so that’s his only companion.

Many fans of The Umbrella Academy freaked out when they saw the tweet.

Aidan Gallagher, who plays Number Five on the show, even responded to the fan’s catch.

The Netflix adaptation of Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy is streaming now.

The My Chemical Romance frontman recently revealed that he wrote much of The Umbrella Academy while on the road. Additionally, he explained the wholesome concept behind the series.

The series also paid homage to the comic’s writer by including an adorable Easter egg during its first episode.

Also, Way recently said that the characters in the series are inspired by the “dysfunctional family dynamic” of the MCR members, which totally made sense to us.

What do you think of the new easter egg? Sound off in the comments!

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