Forget Beetlejuice. It turns out that Justin H. Min is "the ghostest with the mostest." The actor who plays Number Six in the hit Netflix series The Umbrella Academy had carte blanche to portray the deceased Ben Hargreeves any way he wanted. The 30-year-old Min shared stories with Alternative Press editor in chief Paige Owens about his history with the show.

Ben Hargreeves isn't represented as a fully developed character in the original TUA graphic novels. Instead of seeing this as a liability, Min was able to play the role with a lot of his own personality. He explains to Owens that in contrast to the specific roles of his castmates, he was able to build Ben Hargreeves from the ground up. "After season one, the character was able to grow and evolve," says Min. "We were trying to figure out a way to increase and build upon his storyline. Which I am very thankful for."

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Min also discussed other aspects working on the the Umbrella Academy set. He was surprised to learn that Number Six was a fan favorite, given his limited role in both books. Min also has theories on how the relationships between Ben and his siblings resonates with the fans, as well as the backstory on how his character died.

While filming the last show of the second season, Min thought his days at the Academy were over. Three pages were missing from the script, and the actor assumed he was being written out. (He's already a ghost so you can't kill him off, right?) He had emotional goodbyes with the crew and cast members. Then several weeks later, pages were circulated to the team. The takeaway? While Ben Hargreeves may metamorphose into a right bastard, it's good to know Justin H. Min will still be a diamond of a dude.