The Umbrella Academy are teasing fans with a first look at the upcoming season. The show dropped the first set of posters for the second installment of the series.

The series is based on My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way's comic book of the same name. The story follows a household of heroes who were born on the same day around the world with special powers

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Adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves and numbered one through seven, the Hargeaves family learns how to control their powers and become the ultimate team: The Umbrella Academy.

When Vanya (Number 7, Ellen Page) discovers that her powers have been suppressed for most of her life, she attempts to take control of them. Meanwhile, Number 5 (Aiden Gallagher) is running out of time to save everyone from the end of the world.

The heroes as a whole also work through the secrets their adoptive father left behind for them.

Season one premiered on Netflix on February 15, 2019. Within the first 4 weeks, the show garnered over 45 million views.

Last year, the series announced the second season in April of last year.

The announcement was made via a teaser video, which only got us more hyped about the big news.

In June, Aiden Gallagher(Number 5) confirmed that filming for the second had begun with a post on Instagram.

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Season two starts now! ☂️☂️

In November, a number of cast members have shared photos marking the end of filming and giving their thanks to their fellow cast and crew.

Now, The Umbrella Academy shared the first posters for the upcoming season. The images focus on the eyes of each of the Hargreaves family members in an umbrella silhouette.

Season one ended with the heroes huddled together in the midst of an apocalypse with Number 5 trying to get them to travel back in time together.

The show didn't announce a premiere date for the season but did leave a hint to the storyline of what the next set of shows entails.

Are you excited to see The Umbrella Academy: Season 2? Let us know in the comments down below!

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