#140 – March 2010

Crawl inside the bowels of punk rock… of teen idolatry… of post-Springer America… as Blink-182 streak Las Vegas with A.P.‘s Todd Myers Lowe. If Western civilization weren‘t already shot to hell, this would certainly be its demise.

Boss Hog
Get inside Cristina Martinez‘ elegant mind as she swaps beauty tips, reveals husband Jon Spencer‘s grooming habits and exposes much more.

The Cure
The third installment of the Cure‘s none-more-black trilogy could be the most perfect "Cure" album ever. What better time for the most influential band of the past two decades to hang it up? Robert Smith reflects on the Cure‘s past and future


Incoming Letters

New Releases Listing

Wiretapping News
A replenishing new album and label for Oasis; life after Morphine; 10 records to slam your glam to; Michael Hutchence remembered; Cobra Verde deconstructed and other discussion topics that have nothing to do with valentines or dead presidents.

Low Profile
Day One, Unband, Distortion Felix, Saves The Day and more.

BPM (Beats Per Minute)
The Collision Course compilation ushers in a new wave of extreme hip hop and drum & bass; AUX 88‘s top-five spins; reviews of electronica‘s elite; and more.

Reviews this issue of new releases by Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, Q-Tip, Methods Of Mayhem, Mouse On Mars, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Jesus Lizard, The The, the Clash and many more; Self-Analysis gets an earful from Henry Rollins, Yo La Tengo and Training For Utopia; Origins Of Cool gets real loud and ‘eavy with Motörhead; Final Mix goes all mushy to love-related releases in celebration of Valentine‘s Day; plus reviews of reissues.


Sound Affects
Ghost Dog director Jim Jarmusch