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#153 – March 2010


The hip-hop generation gets up for the downstroke with OutKast. Todd Myers Lowe takes a holiday in Stankonia and discovers the funk ain‘t defunct no more.

Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards

The Rancid co-founder takes center stage with an autobiographical solo album that has nothing to do with the suburban strip-mall punk that‘s so popular with the kids these days. 

Family Affair

Why rival your sibling when you can rock with him or her? A.P. takes a closer look at brother and sister acts, including Spacehog, Collective Soul, Kittie, Lit, Good Charlotte and Kottonmouth Kings. 

Quiet Is The New Loud!

Anger losing its energy? Acts like Coldplay, Nelly Furtado, David Gray, Badly Drawn Boy and Travis are making it safe to be sensitive again. Tom Lanham hears a revolution tiptoeing our way.


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New Releases Listing 

Wiretapping News

Pearl Jam celebrate a decade with a DVD; Alan McGee saves the world from bad British music with Poptones; System Of A Down get up in tape; in the studio with Fenix TX, Staind leave a new mark; from There And Back with Babes In Toyland and the perils of concert-going. 

Low Profile

Smash your radio and check out some new artists like Crazy Town, Jim White, Mellow, Kings Of Convenience and many more. 


Reviews this issue of new releases by Daft Punk, BS2000, Grade, Melvins, Rainer Maria, Tipsy, Monster Magnet, Mirwais, Son, Ambulance/Bright Eyes and many more; Self-Analysis gets an earful from Aussie rock deities Living End, ex-Skinny Puppy vocalist‘s new project, OhGr and classic pop tunesmiths Prefab Sprout; Origins Of Cool revisits the Soft Boys‘ classic album, Underwater Moonlight; and reviews of reissues. 

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