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#192 – March 2010


If there’s something wrong with the apartment you’re living in, you call the superintendent to fix it, right? Well, Fat Mike thinks there are some things that need fixed in America, and he’s complaining about the landlord, with his buddies Green Day, Alkaline Trio, No Doubt, Joan Jett, Jello Biafra, Against Me!, Anti-Flag and many more.

Feel free to dis on Atreyu’s alleged fashion-core crimes. But expect the band to take a stand-on your throat, while wearing expensive shoes.

The very tension that helped Braid write modern emo’s rulebook also caused the band to self-destruct after making the album of their career. So why are they getting back together to do it all over again?

The United Kingdom has embraced the catharsis of metalcore, and they’re inviting America to a Funeral party. Get your black on, and turn it up.

Forget about a long-term career: Amen frontman Casey Chaos is going to rock himself to death.

While many new punk bands are crippled by growing pains, the men of NFG gladly welcome the opportunity to grow up in public.

Several years ago, the New Jersey quartet were on the fast track towards the emo-punk payoff. Then they forgot who was supposed to be driving. Now they’re grabbing the wheel.


It may be getting hot in herre… but don’t take off your clothes. Instead, let Agent M & Co. drop the Bomb on must-have summer gear.

Don’t Just Stand There… DO SOMETHING
When you see something that’s wrong, don’t babble on a message board: change it. This month, we’ve profiled some activists from Plea For Peace, Protect, PETA 2, and others who are fighting the good fight for all of us. J. Bennett profiles the view from where is standing; Comedian David Cross and A Perfect Circle/Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan reminisce about free speech; plus, some hard facts about the world today, and some advice about how to conduct yourself in this year’s election.


We go In The Studio with Good Charlotte, the Blood Brothers and the Explosion, and preview some $2,500 worth of new CDs even we can’t afford this summer-though the list looks cool on paper.

The AP Poll makes up the breakdown-er, breakup; Scarlet, Secret Machines and the Kinison rule Low Profiles; hardcore screamers go soft over Morrissey’s return; Planes Mistaken For Stars are the world’s biggest Funeral For A Friend inspiration; bands design their own merch in Disclothesure; punks go poetic in our two-page book round-up; and Vans Warped Tour vets dish-and throw-all the dirt we can carry. All that plus games, cred police and home-studio gear (as well as Unearth’s home studio)-and we’re just getting started.

James Marsden is note worthy; Bijou Phillips is Germ-ridden; and Justin Long is ball-hungry. Eye Candy heats up with Be Cool’s Arielle Kebbel; Now Showing grabs a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic and soaks in the hottest UV cinematic rays burning through theaters and DVD players.

AP Record Store is always open and ready for business. This month, stop in to preview new releases from Sparta, Alkaline Trio, Sonic Youth, Muse, the Streets, Slipknot and more; get one-on-one with Pedro The Lion and In Flames during their exclusive In-Store Sessions; get retro with essential reissues, best-ofs and boxed sets in Collector’s Corner; learn which eight discs our editors can’t live without in Listening Station; and get a classic-rock history lesson via the store’s latest addition, I Don’t Know, Ask That Guy.

10 ESSENTIAL: Veggie tales
In this reader-inspired edition of 10 Essential, some of our favorite vegetarians give their 10 best tips for staying healthy on tour when all the rest-stop food used to have a heartbeat.