#193 – Fall Out Boy

March 1, 2010
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Fall Out Boy Simple Plan Authority Zero Sparta Sugarcult Zao Rilo Kiley Bad Religion My Chemical Romance Green Day Beastie Boys

#193 – March 2010


Fall Out Boy
They came from the Midwest, playing songs with hooks so ridiculously catchy, you can’t beat them out of your head with a crowbar. Today, it’s secondary schools, but tomorrow, Fall Out Boy just might rule the frickin’ earth.

Neither death nor dissention nor dishevelment could crush Jim Ward’s conviction to his art. Sparta remain firmly earthbound, other planets be damned.

Bad Religion
They’ve been around for 25 years, but they’re far less embarrassing than the Sex Pistols. And with Dubya in the White House, rest assured these punk-rock lifers won’t be sitting on their laurels, chatting about “the good ol’ days.”

Lars Frederiksen
and the bastardsThe Rancid guitarist takes some time from roarin’, whorin’ and scorin’ a driver’s permit to chat with AP’s chief-editor guy about his new album, the importance of family and how, after all these years, he’ll still fuck you up if he has to.

My Chemical Romance
If “selling out” means writing songs about bizarre fetishes, violent murders and gay sex, well, we hope the men of MCR will let us polish the chrome on their Bentleys. (Literally, not metaphorically…)

Authority Zero
Their brand of punk is like one of those baseballs Bugs Bunny pitches that comes back to him, covered with stickers from different countries. Hey, it’s better than dealing with airport security.

Rilo Kiley
RK are some of the coolest musical shapeshifters currently operating in the American underground. And with that much ambition, who wouldn’t want to expand their audience past ironic indie-rockers?

This long-running Christian metalcore outfit have reconvened with a new label, a new lineup and a cheery concept album about the death of God. You will listen, Maker-damn you.ten, Maker-damn you.

Strike a pose with these boys of summer. Who knew grown men pretending to be mannequins could look so good?


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Written by Editorial Intern