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#229.1 – February 2010

This summer, THE VANS WARPED TOUR is 13 years strong. In addition to features on THE UNSEEN (p. 138), PARAMORE (p. 144) and TIGER ARMY (p. 150), we had members of BAD RELIGION, AS I LAY DYING, THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS, STRAYLIGHT RUN and BAYSIDE tell us about their personal brushes with luck (good, bad or dumb), as well as their thoughts on this summer’s tour. In addition to having Warped staffers dish on their own experiences, founder Kevin Lyman reveals his personal secret for Warped’s success. (Hint: He takes winter vacations.)


Video games and music go together like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, chicken fingers and ice cream… Man, we’re getting hungry. Before we stuff our face, we’d like to direct your attention to our annual homage to video games and the music that scores ’em. Geek out with Rock Band, Guitar Hero III, Madden NFL ’08 and more!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much are a ton of pictures and some words worth? For AP contributing photographer RYAN RUSSELL, it’s worth letting us tag along for 14 days to witness the flashy life of a shooter to the stars. For our D.I.Y. PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS (p. 40), getting their photos into your grubby hands is pretty much priceless.

With the release of their blistering seventh album, Secret Weapon, Pacific Northwest pop-punk institution MxPx have come around again, working with original producer Aaron Sprinkle, as well as reuniting with Tooth & Nail, the label that launched them 15 years ago.


When this Canadian post-screamo unit should’ve been celebrating the success of all the hard work they had put in, they were shaken by the death of both loved ones and important relationships. They coped by making the best record of their career thus far.

What you would call a loss, BLG frontman Martin Johnson would refer to as a precious opportunity. Which is probably why his band’s sunny, optimistic emo-pop is resonating with fans all over the country.


INCOMING: LOVE LETTERS, HATE MAIL & SOUND ADVICEOPINION founder Adam LaRue encourages gay band members to show some pride in Op-Ed; and everyone from the Academy Is… to Norma Jean (and you, of course) tell us if we’re too late to stop global warming in the AP Poll.

We preview albums from Reel Big Fish, the Starting Line and more; and In The Studio checks up on Aiden, Emery and New Found Glory.

Our AP: DIY section is a one-stop shop for budding musicians, featuring advice and insight on everything from gear to getting along from rockers who’ve made it far outside their mom’s garage. This month, we get up close and personal with members of Lacuna Coil, Circa Survive, the Graduate and Mastodon, along with the techs and other experts who keep ’em running smoothly, musically and otherwise. AP&R introduces you to eight unsigned acts you should know; Chalkboard Confessional talks inspiration with Britt Daniel of Spoon; PunkRadioCast gets the Company Profile treatment; and Fuse VJ Steven gives a big ol’ bro hug in his AP-exclusive Untitled Rock Column.

Welcome to our spankin’ new AP Style section. Here, we’d love to introduce you to some of the hottest gear burning up our closets. This month, get to know Snack Mountain, Craft Rock & Roll Yarn, and a slew of shoe-collaborations with your fave musicians’ kicks. Plus, we realize that looking good isn’t just about your duds; it’s also about your ’do… And your makeup… And your nails… You get the picture. Not that you don’t already look fabu, but we’re guessing you’ll look even better after checking out Medusa’s Makeup and more of our health and beauty picks!

Please turn off all cell phones. Keep talking to a minimum, as not to disturb your fellow readers. Also, be sure to throw away all garbage in the receptacles provided. Now, sit back and enjoy our feature presentation, which includes some quality face time with Judd Apatow, Aaron Yoo, Bill Hader and the rest of what’s new and hot in theaters and DVD players this month.

It might be the dog days of summer, but The AP Record Store has central air and a lovely selection of tasty beverages, so come on over and peep our new reviews on Against Me!, Strung Out, the Rocket Summer, 3 Inches Of Blood, An Angle, Beastie Boys, Chemical Brothers, They Might Be Giants, Neurosis, Art Brut and others; but wait-there’s more, in our In-Store Sessions with Ben Weasel, Darkest Hour, Interpol, Boys Night Out and Patton Oswalt; we don’t stop there, as the Doors and Agression are poo-pooed and profiled in our classic-rock and classic-punk columns; and rounding out your jamathon are Playlist, Collector’s Corner and Listening Station.

So our list of sub-30-second punk songs wasn’t enough for you, eh? We’ve turned to our resident extreme-music guru Aaron Burgess to school us all about which grindcore bands have recorded songs so brutally short, they’re in the Guinness Book Of World Records-that’s right, bands. Plural.