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#241.2 – April 2010

132 WARPED TOUR 2008

Kevin Lyman and his team have made the last 14 summers of our lives worth getting out of bed, skipping out of work and being glad to be alive. Since the theme of this year’s tour is all about road trips, we corralled members of various bands to share their travel memories with AP. Check out what members of GYM CLASS HEROES, HORRORPOPS, ANGELS & AIRWAVES, SAY ANYTHING, ANBERLIN, RELIENT K, NORMA JEAN and THE COLOR FRED have done to see their favorite bands. Plus: We’ve got behind the scenes info on what happens with Warped the other 10 months out of the year, and a checklist from Mr. Lyman for bands playing Warped for the first time ever. And if you’ve got an oil refinery in your backyard, we suggest you take a road trip of your own to see some of the tour’s special guests who are stopping in for a few days. Another bit of advice: Please don’t read and drive. It could get messy…


108 ALKALINE TRIO As they enter their second decade of service to the scene, the men of Alkaline Trio are forging ahead with a major-label deal, a renewed enthusiasm and a couple of bottles of absinthe in their carry-on bags.

114 METRO STATION Forget politics: The boys from the Station have discovered pop music is the stuff that brings us together.

120 MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE These four NYC wiseguys (and gals) have spent the past 10 years making electro-punk-metal noise solely to entertain themselves. Amassing a legion of fans who would practically kill in their name? A mere accident.

126 CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR The band with the ugliest acronym survived defections, crippling self-doubt and the word of God. With the help of an old friend and some tough love from a polished punk producer, they’ve been able to beat the sophomore jinx.


94 PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIAL/CONTEST WINNERS Ever gaze enviously at the glossy photos in these very pages and wonder what the prerequisites are for a glamorous career as a rock photographer? If AP photographer JERED SCOTT’s 20-day journey is any indication, you’ll need to invest in a reliable travel pillow. Hopefully our DIY PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS (p. 44) are taking notes…

100 THE ORAL HISTORY OF H2O H2O are arguably the first band to give equal props to both first-wave D.C. emo and bruising NYHC. Their story is all about building community. Read, learn and while you’re at it, rock out to their first record in seven years.



32 OPINION Valient Thorr’s Valient Himself talks about leading by example when it comes to being an organ donor in Op-Ed; and everyone from Bad Religion to Rise Against (and you, of course) tell us if America is really ready for change in the AP Poll.

38 NEW RELEASES We preview albums from Misery Signals, Danger Radio and more; and In The Studio checks up on the Academy Is…, Escape The Fate and These Arms Are Snakes.

44 WIRETAPPING It’s a long way from your garage to Madison Square Garden (unless you live right next door), so if you’re planning a career in rocking and/or rolling, you’re gonna need all the advice you can get. This month, our AP: DIY section is overflowing with insider information from members and crew from the likes of Boys Like Girls, Darkest Hour, the Matches, My Morning Jacket, All Time Low and the Briggs. AP&R introduces you to eight unsigned bands who may not stay that way for long; vChalkboard Confessional talks inspiration with Dexter Holland of the Offspring; and Sub Pop gets the Label Profile treatment.

60 AP RECOMMENDS Unless you’re listening to Lemuria, Stick To Your Guns and Damiera, you cannot be tried as a cool person in a court of law.

73 AP STYLE Allow us to introduce you to some of the hottest gear burning up our closets. This month, get to know Alternative Apparel and some swank denim. Plus, load up on some everyday-use vegan-friendly goodies

81 SCREENING Please turn off all cell phones. Keep talking to a minimum, as not to disturb your fellow readers. Also, be sure to throw away all garbage in the receptacles provided. Now, sit back and enjoy our feature presentation, which includes some quality face time with Josh Peck, Zoe Kazan and the rest of what’s new and hot in theaters and DVD players this month.

155 REVIEWS Wouldn’t July-ke to read some new reviews? Okay, no one said the AP Record Store was well-stocked with puns this month, but we are full of opinions on new discs from the Hold Steady, Less Than Jake, Verse, Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground, Son, Ambulance, Men Without Pants, Pepper, the Fratellis, Soulfly, Ladytron and more; our In-Store Sessions with Street Dogs, Reggie And The Full Effect, Cult Of Luna and Love You Moon are like Whoopie Cushions for your soul; our classic-rock and classic-punk columns on the Sweet and the Lurkers read better than a dead-baby joke; and Playlist, Collector’s Corner, Readers Chart and Listening Station reveal the punchlines to all those “A priest, a rabbi and Jeffree Star walk into a bar…” jokes no one ever finishes.

192 10 ESSENTIAL SONGS ABOUT BOOKS Was Rachel Lux’s 10 Essential contemporary-lit novels list a few issues back too much for you to chew on? Fear not, dear friends-start small, with Luke O’Neil’s top 10 tracks referencing everyone from T.S. Eliot to e.e. cummings, with plenty of abbreviations in between.