Underoath's Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie star in a new YouTube video that further mines their evolved personal views on modern Evangelism. Watch the new "Underoath's Three Thoughts on Christianity" video right here.

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According to an accompanying press release, Underoath made the video in order to clarify their "feelings and stances on the subject of Christianity [that] have been regularly scrutinized, dissected, discussed, and essentially attacked."

"This clip succinctly and effectively summarizes the band's position on this matter — once and for all. It's the period at the end of the sentence and effectively ends the discussion."

"If I was still a Christian, I'd probably be dead," Chamberlain deadpans in the intro to the clip. His dire take on the religious battles and subsequent journey the band took on Underoath's latest album Erase Me is covered in the recent AP #356.

Gillespie feels likewise. He contends that "rebellion" inspired "everything that Christianity" was built on. But, "somewhere along the way, modern Christianity become synonymous with being conservative," he adds. See the new video below:

All told, what do you think of Chamberlain and Gillespie's views on Christianity? Did you enjoy the band's new album Erase Me? Have you already grabbed your copy of AP #356 with Underoath on the cover? Sound off in the comments.

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