Grab your guitar–Tim McTague of the legendary Underoath stopped by the Alternative Press offices with his custom Erase Me green Fender Jaguar to show us how to play some of the band's classic riffs.

In this APTV exclusive, McTague demonstrates how to play riffs from “In Regards To Myself,” “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures,” “Returning Empty Handed,” “I Gave Up,” and from deep within the UØ archives, “The Last.”

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McTague also opened up about his approach to guitar and how a lack of understanding music theory has made him a more creative songwriter. If you've ever wanted to learn how to play guitar in the style of Underoath, this tutorial is what you've been waiting for.

Need more Underoath personal time? We also talked to drummer Aaron Gillespie about his early days drumming to his dad’s record collection and playing behind a church choir. You can check the APTV exclusive out here.

Gillespie also muses on the importance of maintaining a decorum with fans, weighing in on what it really means to be an influential drummer. Plus, learn why serving the lyric of the song is infinitely more important than technique and time signatures.

On a previous Underoath APTV exclusive, they revealed they aren’t always the best at remembering song titles in their back catalogue. Honestly, the way they figure out which song is which is pretty damn endearing, and maybe even a little adorable…

Chris Dudley and Tim McTague of Underoath have had modern rock in a relentless auditory chokehold throughout 2018. Their most recent effort Erase Me is their first release since their hiatus. Dudley and McTague open up about lessons learned during the band’s break that made them a more sustainable outfit. Learn how the instantly iconic look of Erase Me came to be and how the band has changed since 2005.