Underoath have shared their latest single “Numb” ahead of their upcoming full-length, Voyeurist. The new album is set for release Jan. 14 via Fearless Records.

Following the group’s recent “Digital Ghost” livestream concert, “Numb” revisits their post-hardcore sound by combining melodic hooks with heavy instrumentals.

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“‘Numb’ feels like a classic They’re Only Chasing Safety song done with adult minds and ideas,” guitarist Tim McTague says. “It’s the only chorus on the whole album that is just Aaron singing, which was a massive part of our DNA as a band in the beginning. It’s rad to hear it come full circle.”

Highlighting the vocal abilities of singer/drummer Aaron Gillespie, “Numb” experiments with electronic textures and layers. In turn, they created a track that both calls back to the band’s roots and showcases what their future looks like.

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The single will appear on Underoath’s new album, Voyeurist, the first project that they recorded themselves. Referred to by the group as “high-def violence, technologically advance, but undeniably visceral,” the album will introduce fans to a new era of the band.

You can check out the visualizer for “Numb” below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.