Underoath fans were in for quite the surprise when the Almost kicked off their first tour in five years this week. The Almost frontman Aaron Gillespie recruited his Underoath bandmate Tim McTague to join him onstage at the Orpheum in Tampa Saturday.

Gillespie shared photos of the evening, touching on the “unnecessary friction” between the band when he started the Almost in 2005. As time passed, they all moved past that point, and Gillespie reveals his Underoath bandmates came to see the Almost for the first time ever.

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As if that wasn’t already special enough, McTague joined Gillespie to perform “Drive There Now,” a track he helped write for the Almost’s 2007 debut Southern Weather, which is being played in full on the current tour.

“In 2006, my other band, we were recording an album in Massachusetts called Define The Great Line, and I was actually writing Southern Weather at the tim—or attempting to— I had never really played much guitar,” Gillespie tells the Tampa crowd before playing the track. “I remember, I asked Tim, ‘How does this work? This shape or something?’ He and I wrote this song together.”

Following the performance, Gillespie opened up on the impact his bandmates’ attendence had on the evening.

“There was unnecessary friction between myself and the rest of Underoath when I started The Almost,” Gillespie writes on Instagram about the evening. “Creative differences led to bruised egos, fear and rejection amongst many of us in the band. My new creative outlet became the Almost even though I was very much a part of Underoath.

“Time, maturity and a strong friendship have helped these feelings fade. Saturday night, for the first time ever, my Underoath family came to see The Almost show in Tampa. This was more special than you could ever imagine. Tim had actually helped write “Drive There Now” off ‘Southern Weather’ (which I’m playing in entirety this tour) and it was truly an honor to share the stage with him in for the song.”

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Check out the post along with some more photos and videos from fans below.

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The Almost’s tour continues in Nasvhille tonight with All Get Out. As mentioned, the band will play Southern Weather in its entirety along with tracks from their first album in six years, Fear Caller. The album is available here now with tickets and dates here.


01/07 — Nashville, TN
01/08 — Greensboro, NC
01/10 — Washington, D.C.
01/11 — Pittsburgh, PA
01/12 — Philadelphia, PA
01/13 — Boston, MA
01/15 — New York, NY
01/16 — Asbury Park, NJ
01/17 — Cleveland, OH
01/18 — Detroit, MI
01/18 — Chicago, IL
01/21 — Denver, CO
01/24 — Oakland, CA
01/25 — Los Angeles, CA
01/26 — PHoenix, AZ
01/28 — Austin, TX
01/29 — Dallas, TX

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