Underoath guitarist Tim Mctague, Anberlin drummer Nathan Young and Say Anything drummer Reed Murray recently performed their first show as Carrollhood.

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The trio formed in 2011. Since then, they’ve released two EPs, Afraid and Violence. They also wrote and recorded the entire score for Underoath’s farewell DVD, Tired Violence

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Pictures from the show can be seen below. Tim McTague is scheduled to set out with the rest of Underoath on their reunion tour later this month.

All photos credited to Nicole Kibert.

Carrollhood @ New World 2.26.16-43

Carrollhood @ New World 2.26.16-19

Carrollhood @ New World 2.26.16-47

Carrollhood @ New World 2.26.16-52

Carrollhood @ New World 2.26.16-31

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