Every musical genre has room for expansion, evolution and possibility. Admittedly, metalcore has taken a lot of hits as of late. The accusations levied include everything from "boring" to "redundant" to "unnecessary." Well, we could say the same thing about oh-so-heartfelt singer-songwriters and EDM producers. But we're not. Because this APTV rundown discusses the underrated metalcore albums that should be in your streaming queue.

Given the planet's culture-on-demand-and-for-free lifestyle, we tend to burn out on things quicker. When there are no gatekeepers, there's an ocean of stuff to wade through. Every genre-specific community has this problem. None of the people who made these underrated metalcore albums are driving gold-plated Mercedes. That's because they're artists, not opportunists.

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What makes these bands special is the sheer stubborness of following their own paths. They're obviously familiar with the metal/hardcore axis the genre was derived from. These bands have opened their minds to an infinite number of permutations and combinations. What's that? You created a cool breakdown? Well, that was impressive—for about 45 to 65 seconds. These underrated metalcore albums take you on proverbial journeys. Taking influences from metal subgenres (hardcore, death metal, djent) as well other music styles altogether (prog rock, industrial, shoegaze), these records are the ones that will flex your cervical bones and your headspace.

Metalcore certainly isn't dead. At times it feels like a highly compressed mp3 from a wheezing Mac you last used to update your Myspace page. But the bands who made these underrated metalcore records were certainly onto something. As great as these records are, they portend something even more majestic. Namely all of these bands' next records. Tune in, turn up and traumatize the ordinary. This is what the future of metalcore sounds like right now.