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10 songs you forgot you had on your Myspace player

We spend a lot of time regularly thinking back to the good old days when we’d devote hours to working on our Myspace pages and searching for new music to impress our friends. The social media website was instrumental in developing our music taste and connecting us with bands we still love today, such as Paramore, My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday, but there were also some underrated gems.

While those bands are still popular now, there were countless artists we listened to and featured in our Myspace player who we haven’t listened to in well over a decade. 

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With a database uncovering some of the deleted songs from Myspace, take a trip down memory lane with 10 songs you totally forgot you had on your Myspace player. Listen, remember and appreciate all the tunes from the 2000s.

A Change Of Pace – “Weekend Warriors” 

What better way to introduce someone to your profile than with this hype song? We were definitely guilty of more than a few air-guitar sessions in our room while A Change Of Pace were bumping on our player in the background. 

Straylight Run – “Existentialism On Prom Night”

Much like the music video to this song, we were all guilty of staring dramatically out the window while we jammed to this Straylight Run track and pretending like we were in a video of our own. If this doesn’t scream teenage angst, nothing will. 

Stereo Skyline – “Uptown, Get Around”

This one from Stereo Skyline was another good hype track on our page that we would brag about knowing all of the words to. It has everything we were looking for in our tunes back then—a high-pitched pop-punk vocal and a melody we could jam out to—so it was in heavy rotation. 

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The Starting Line – “The Best Of Me”

This was the song you shared with your crush to get them to be miserable with you. It totally embodied the 2000s Myspace vibe with sappy lyrics and simple acoustics, so we undoubtedly remember featuring this Starting Line gem on our pages. 

Daphne Loves Derby – “Pollen And Salt”

In case you forgot about this gut-wrenching breakup song from Daphne Loves Derby, it’s time to put it back on your playlists. We’d include this on our player when we wanted everyone to know we were sad, and it was definitely because of a certain someone. 

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Forever The Sickest Kids – “Whoa Oh! (Me Vs. Everyone)”

This Forever The Sickest Kids song made us yearn for Warped Tour every time we heard it, and we had it on our players every summer in anticipation. It’s a true scene party track that deserves to be remembered. 

Stephen Jerzak – “Timebomb”

There was just something about whiny vocals and simple acoustic and ukulele chords that just made us feel some type of way in the mid-’00s, which is 100% the reason for our Never Shout Never obsession. You probably haven’t listened to Stephen Jerzak in a decade or so, but you definitely sang along to all of his songs back in the day. 

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Hit The Lights – “Bodybag”

This was a track we put on our player to make it clear to all the normies that we were proud little emo kids on the internet, and they couldn’t relate. It probably helped that Hit The Lights called the song “Bodybag,” so it was a weapon in our mission to scare them away. 

Further Seems Forever  – “Snowbirds And Townies”

We placed this classic on our player at the end of summer to be extra moody about the seasons changing. While this is an old Further Seems Forever track, listening to it now makes us think of summer flings and long car rides back in the day, so it still makes us emotional. 

Cash Cash – “Sugar Rush”

We stuck “Sugar Rush” on our page when we wanted people to think we were cool and promiscuous or something, particularly our crush. Listening to Cash Cash now feels like stepping back in time, but in a good way. 

Which songs do you miss from your Myspace days? Sound off in the comments below!