We love fanart. What’s more pure than a fan expressing their love of music through a creation of their own? And while good old pen to paper can yield stunning work, these fans have some pretty unique ways of showing their devotion.

From insanely intricate eyeshadow and nail art to a toe (seriously, a toe), here are some of our favorite unconventional pieces of fanart.

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Slipknot body art

This stunning artwork gives a whole new meaning to “The Neck.”

Twenty One Pilots mate set
We’re not going to lie: We had to do some research to figure out what this was. (Shoutout to this fan for helping us learn something new!) Mate is a traditional South American energizing drink made by steeping dried leaves from the yerba mate plant in hot water. It’s traditionally drank out of a calabasa gourd with a metal straw called a bombilla that helps strain the leaves. This custom set made by a member of the Clique makes us want to try mate even more!  
Fall Out Embroidery

These hand-embroidered portraits of the members of Fall Out Boy are on another level.

Painted Panic! jean jacket

Band tees are cool and all, but, honestly, have you ever seen denim look more badass?

blink-182 nail art

Excuse us while we shamefully try to clean all the stray nail polish off the sides of our fingers.

Green Day cross-stitch
Green Day "Paradise" cross-stitch.

Because nothing says home decor like a cross-stitch referencing lyrics about self-pleasure.