Urethane have released a new video for their single “Inheritance.” The track also features Jim Lindberg of Pennywise.

Alternative Press is bringing you a first look at the new visual. The track comes from the band’s powerful debut record, Chasing Horizons, which was released in September 2021 via Cyber Tracks

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Urethane is the project of skateboarding pioneer Steve Caballero (guitar), Tim Fennelly (vocals, guitar), Chad Ruiz (bass) and Dylan Wade (drums). For Chasing Horizons, the band enlisted esteemed producer Cameron Webb (NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Silverstein) to capture their distinct pop-punk and melodic hardcore sound, culminating in a release that is equal parts, urgent, catchy, uplifting and aggressive. 

“Inheritance” is by far the most aggressive track on Chasing Horizons, with powerful and melancholic minor chord progressions, evocative lead guitar parts, double-time drum patterns and lyrics that tackle subjects of human flaws and behaviors passed down hereditarily.  The song feels like it would fit perfectly on the classic Alkaline Trio record Good Mourning with jet-black lyrics, anthemic choruses and infectious vocal harmonies, all while creating something entirely their own. 

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The video for “Inheritance” was filmed during the band’s energetic set opening for Pennywise at the classic San Diego music venue SOMA. Filming the video came about serendipitously in that the band were able to have Pennywise vocalist Lindberg come onstage for his vocal feature on the track and appear in the incredible one-take video, captured flawlessly by videographer Mario Rivera. Every shot is perfectly synced up with the song’s fast and driving tempo while showing a palpable sense of excitement and bliss throughout the video as the band blast through the song and engage with their rabid audience. 

We sat down with guitarist Caballero to discuss musical collaborations, the message behind “Inheritance,” working on projects with Vans, future plans and so much more. 

With “Inheritance,” you enlisted the legendary Jim Lindberg from Pennywise to provide guest vocals. Obviously, I assume you have a long history together, but how did this venture come together specifically? What was the writing and recording process like?

We've known Jim [Lindberg] for a while. From playing a few of our demos, he really seemed to like the band and the music we were producing, so I went [out] on a limb just to ask, and he said yes. Jim has worked with [producer] Cameron Webb in the past, so Cameron actually knew which song would work best for Jim's voice and range, so we picked "Inheritance.” We sent Jim the track as an instrumental, and he actually recorded his vocal track at his home studio and then sent the finished track to us. It came out perfect, and we were happy. 

Lyrically, what is the message behind “Inheritance”?

The premise of “Inheritance” is rooted in the idea that all of our flaws, negative character traits, addictions, unhealthy behaviors, bad ethics/morals, etc. are passed down to us, either genetically or through learned behavior, from our parents in that these things are “given” to us before we have a chance to understand ourselves as individuals.

The music video feels like a perfect representation of the music. The high-intensity live performance and fast edits are timed perfectly with the song's tempo. What was the filming process like, and what was the energy like in the room for this live performance?

The video for “Inheritance” was shot at SOMA in San Diego for the venue’s 35th anniversary. It was an amazing lineup with us, Deviates, Strung Out and Pennywise. We knew it was a perfect opportunity to have Jim Lindberg join us for the song, so we reached out prior to the show, and he agreed to join us. The energy was incredible, and we were all surprised by the big turnout considering how COVID-19 has affected shows recently. Our friend and videographer Mario Rivera was there to shoot the song. Knowing that he only had one chance to record the video, he was bouncing all around the stage and pit to get different perspectives, and it came out great.

Besides putting out your incredible debut record as Urethane, what were some other highlights from last year, and what are you looking forward to now that it’s 2022?

A highlight was opening for Pennywise at SOMA and having Jim sing onstage with us and to record this new video. We also loved getting the chance to play Punk Rock Bowling Festival in Las Vegas. We are also looking forward to playing SKATERCON in Tucson, the Flogging Molly Salty Dog Boat Cruise and SBAM Fest in Linz, Austria, plus working on new material for our next album. 

You recently did a super limited collaboration with Vans for a special-edition Urethane-branded Half Cab skate shoe. What was it like collaborating with the team at Vans, and can we expect further projects in the future?

Well, the Vans Half Cab shoe collaboration came from co-founder Steve Van Doren when he asked me for a band logo and our favorite colors. I was like, “What for, Steve?” He said it was a special gift he wanted to make for the band. Only 70 pairs were made for us to give away to those who have helped support the band this last year. That was one amazing surprise indeed. As for future projects, we are working on a coffee line and also will keep producing cool band tees from our favorite artists.

Now that you have seen the response from fans since the release of Chasing Horizons, how is that informing the next release, and where do you see the music heading in the future?

Our first album was mainly tightening up song ideas written by Tim, our singer/guitarist, as we were on a deadline to write and arrange those songs for that album. Now that we have more time, we feel like Chad, our bassist, and I will have more freedom to write a few of our own song ideas to add to the next album while working together as a unit to keep the same sound and feel like our last record. It's been a great dynamic with each other, and last year was a learning experience for all of us. We are excited for this year, and we will not disappoint with our next release — it will be even better.

Check out the music video for Urethane's “Inheritance” below.