We’re still not over Jordan Peele’s latest horror film Us, and star Lupita Nyong’o just made a Game Of Thrones comparison involving the film that we just can’t stop thinking about.

In a lengthy string of tweets, the actress compared the Tethered to the White Walkers in the HBO show.

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The commonalities she listed go as followed.

  1. “They come in silence but not in peace”
  2. “They won’t stop until they kill errrrrrrrrybody”
  3. “They wear block colors”
  4. “They have a signature weapon”
  5. “Their death stare does half the job”
  6. “Their leaders could use some edge tamer”
  7. “They could use a drink of water and better dietary options”

And the differences she said are below.

  1. “#TheTethered don’t send out Save-The-Dates - they make surprise visits”
  2. “#TheTethered: about that fire” “#WhiteWalkers: About that ice”
  3. “#TheTethered: friends of PETA” “#WhiteWalkers: not so much”
She finished it off asking if she missed anything. You can check out her entire thread below.

Peele’s Us, the follow-up film to his directorial debut Get Out, is a huge hit. Us has been widely successful even before it hit theaters, with Peele snagging a second, and very rare, 100 percent rating with the film on Rotten Tomatoes.

Us hit theaters last month, and nearly broke a box-office record on opening night, Peele’s Us is continuing to horrify fans and solidify its ranks among some of the greatest horror films of our time. As its opening weekend came to a close, the horror film broke the record for biggest opening weekend for an original horror film.

Peele‘s latest debuted to an estimated $70.3 million in ticket sales across 3,741 U.S. and Canada theaters last weekend.

That pushes Us to the title of biggest opening weekend for an original horror film and third-biggest horror opening of all time right behind 2017’s It ($123.4 million) and 2018’s Halloween sequel ($76.2 million).

And that’s not all. Us also becomes the biggest debut for an R-rated original title ahead of 2012’s Ted ($54.4 million).

Us stars Lupita Nyong’o (Black Panther), Winston Duke (Black Panther), Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men, The Handmaid’s Tale) and Tim Heidecker (Ant-Man And The Wasp). The film later announced additional cast members. Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex, Madison Curry, Cali and Noelle Sheldon and Duke Nicholson are also in the cast.

It was recently revealed that the Sheldon twins had a major part in Friends long before Us hit theaters. The twins shared the role of playing Ross and Rachel’s daughter, and fans freaked out when they realized it.

Peele also recently gave fans an insight on the insane ending of the film.

Us is playing in theaters now, and you can check out the trailer below.

As far as Game Of Thrones goes, we’re in the midst of the final season. Recently, Fall Out Boy bassist  Pete Wentz shared his theories for the final four episodes of GOT and who’s dying next.

Either way, we’ll have to wait a few more Sunday nights to see if any of Wentz’s predictions come to fruition. Well, or at least wait until the episode is leaked early.

What do you think of Nyong’o’s Us and Game Of Thrones comparison? Sound off in the comments below!

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