Vans has once again partnered with BILLY's TOKYO for three new OG Sk8-Hi LX's. The three new kicks come with different pairings of three colors being, red, blue and orange, yellow, brown and blue and black, navy and tan.

Vans is currently on a roll of launching sick new shoes with their recent Autism Awareness collection, the milk tea-inspired Old Skools and their updated tie-dye checkboard print.

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The tri-colored motif of each kick catches the eye in a flash with their bright, yet not too-flashy print.

Vans and BILLY's TOKYO partnered up before and launched a rather crazy, print-heavy collection. This is for the more subtle wearer that still wants to rock that vintage high-top look, without having to lace up your old Chuck Taylor's.

As stated, the new collection has three new color schemes. All three colorways are finished with white laces for a fresh, clean look. The colors are officially described as Periscope/Coffee Bean, Grenadine/Pompeian Red and Green Sulphur/Sulphur.

Check them all out them below.


[Photo via: Vans and BILLY's TOKYO][/caption]


[Photo via: Vans and BILLY's TOKYO][/caption]


[Photo via: Vans and BILLY's TOKYO][/caption]


[Photo via: Vans and BILLY's TOKYO][/caption]


The new Vans and BILLY's TOKYO OG Sk8-Hi LX's are on sale for ¥11,000 JPY (approximately $100 USD) plus tax. You can snag yourself a pair here.

More Vans

Vans are rolling out a new line of milk-tea inspired colors for their Old Skool line with three different shades for people to pick from.

The company are revealing the simple color palette featuring a crisp and clean white sole with a sleek black wraparound.

The new shoe collection follows the drop of their Overt CC shoes earlier today.

“In 2019, Vans introduced the ComfyCush technology to the world. For spring 2020, the comfiest outsole takes on new terrain with the all-new Overt CC footwear style. Designed for advanced comfort and breathability, this new design features a uniquely styled upper, atop a co-molded sole constructed of foam and rubber for the perfect combination of both comfort and grip.”

The new pair of shoes are retailing for $95 and are available right now. They can also be ordered here. You can check those out below.

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Earlier this month, the company also revealed a new line of shoes gearing towards Autism awareness.

The new collection features all-new sensory-inclusive elements, including a calming color-palette.

They worked with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards, creating designs focusing on sight and touch for people who are sensitive to those senses. You out the Vans Autism Awareness Collection here.


The new milk-tea shoes are selling through Taipei fashion outlet Fruition who sell a number of international brands including Nike, Adidas, Converse and more.

They come in three different colorways – “Gentle Milk Cream,” “Hazelnut Flavor” and “Smoked Milk Tea.”

The “Gentle Milk Cream” pair rocks a cream-toned base with suede overlays at the eyelets and rear of the shoe.

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The other two colors are featuring a more classic look to the bottom part of the shoe with a clean white sole and dark stripe to wrap around.

The shoes retail for $2,380 NT (or just shy of $80 USD)

You can check out the new shoes below. They can also be ordered here.

What do you think of the new OG Sk8-HI LX's? Tell us in the comments below!

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