Vans have introduced the ultimate shoe collection for Shark Week fans. 

The Discovery Channel’s 31st annual Shark Week begins July 28. To celebrate, Vans is putting out some special shoes for both children and adults. 

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The collab has a few aquatic-themed designs that are both stylish and scary. There are two shoe styles, one slip on and one high-top. Also, there is an amazing long sleeve t-shirt with a cool shark design on the back. You can see some of the items below and purchase them now here.
A portion of the proceeds made from the collection benefits Oceana, an organization dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans. 

Other Vans news 

After weeks of waiting, the Harry Potter collaboration of Vans finally dropped last month. 

In May, we got our first look at the highly anticipated collection while Journeys gave us hope they would arrive sooner than later.

The moment has finally arrived with the full collection being available online and in stores.

This moment comes after the release date was shared with subscribed customers via email with details about the designs. The collection was also leaked online with glimpses of the new colorways hitting social media over the past few weeks.

The new collection includes a ton of different items based on the Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses. Along with a signature design for each of the four Hogwarts houses, other story-inspired setups are available, including a Marauder’s Map slip-on, a Golden Snitch Old Skool and a Vans Era inspired by the Daily Prophet newspaper.

Included in the collection are a whole bunch of different styles of shoes and other footwear, backpacks, sweaters, t-shirts and more. If you can’t wait to go to a store to see the items for yourself, take a look here where they’re available online.

This is only the latest of many collabs Vans has concocted over the years. Luckily, we identified the 10 you can’t miss. Check them out here. While many think of Vans as the go-to brand for scenesters, there’s a lot more going on at the company.

What do you think of the Shark Week-inspired Vans? Sound off in the comments down below!

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