Vans revamp classic checkerboard print with groovy, tie-dye line

Vans is giving their iconic checkerboard print a bit of psychedelic flair. From band collabs to The Nightmare Before Christmas to Harry Potter, the sneaker company has consistently put out epic creations.

The new checkerboard variant features a stunning tie-dye color scheme overlaid atop their ComfyCush Era and Old Skool kicks.

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Checkered vans have been a staple in the punk community for decades. After all, it wouldn’t be a proper ska show without one billion horns and an Old Milwaukee-stained pair of checkered Vans.

Well, if the neutral black and white weren’t your style because you wanted a bit of flair, say no more. Besides, most ended up coloring in the checkers on their own anyway and now you don’t have to.

Vans new Tie-Dye ComfyCush Era and Old Skool kicks feature an array of red, green, blue, orange, yellow and purple. The Old Skools fill the uncolored half with black squares, while the ComfyCush chooses white. Both are topped off with clean white laces. Check them out below.

[Photo via Vans
[Photo via Vans
The ComfyCush are available for $65, while the Old Skools retail for $70. Both are available here.

More on Vans

Working in a red, black and white color palette, the “I Heart” collection recently hit with a slew of others. Featuring the phrasing “I heart boys, I heart girls” in a continuous pattern, it basically brings your favorite Panic! At The Disco song “Girls/Girls/Boys” to life on a shoe. The line allows you to proudly wear your heart on your feet with the Era, Sk8-Hi and Slip-On styles.

The era is mostly black with white soles and a red foxing stripe. It features the continuous phrase across its shoelaces and a bold “boys” on the left shoe and “girls” on the right shoe. They’re available for $55 here.

vans era

The Sk8-Hi utilizes its tall style to proudly display the “I heart girls, I heart boys” design across its inner and outer side. It’s available here for $65.

vans sk8 hi

Finally, the slip-on rocks the iconic Vans checkerboard in red, black and white. The “I heart girls, I heart boys” design sits subtly on the inner and outer sides of the sole. They’re available here for $55.

vans slip on

You can check out all of the new Vans arrivals, including the “I Heart” line here.

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