Vans is taking doodling to a whole new level with its brand new U-Color collection.

The company has taken its classic Era and Slip-On shoes and created the perfect canvases for those who love to color. With all-white material, each shoe features outlined designs that Vans wants you to color in yourself.

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Over the years, many of us have taken pens and makers to our favorite pairs of shoes to give them some personal style. Now, Vans is handing over all of the creative control for the U-Color collection. For this new line, the shoes are your blank canvas and it's up to you to give them your own personal artistic touch.

The U-Color collection features both the classic Era and Slip-On shoe styles with three different designs. The white Slip-Ons have a traditional tattoo inspired design with skulls, flowers, stars, snakes and more.

[Photos via Vans]

Meanwhile, the Era style has two different designs in this new collection. The first is the classic checkerboard pattern that allows you to fill in each square with whatever color you choose. It also has Mad Libs inspired rubber soles which allow you to fill-in-the-blanks and make the shoes even more personal.

[Photos via Vans]

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The other Era shoes in the collection are nature-inspired. For those looking for something a bit more challenging to color, these shoes feature intricate patterns of flowers and leaves on both the inside and outside.

[Photos via Vans]

All of the shoes in Vans' U-Color collection retail for $55. There is also a backpack available in the collection that has the tattoo-inspired pattern printed on it. Kids' shoes are available to purchase as well.


[Photos via Vans]

[Photos via Vans]

The full U-Color collection from Vans is available to shop here.

Vans has launched several new collections over the past few months. Most recently, they revisited its classic checkboard pattern for a new minimalistic collection. As well, Vans also launched its new line in collaboration with The Simpsons. The collection includes wild patterns and bright colors featuring some of The Simpsons‘ most beloved characters. This new collection marks the first collaboration with the animated series since 2007.

Back in June, Vans launched a nature-themed collection in honor of National Geographic‘s anniversary. They also debuted a DIY-inspired Tiger Patchwork collection last month. This line features the iconic black-and-white checkerboard print along with some one-of-a-kind-fabrics.

What are your thoughts on the new U-Color collection? Let us know in the comments below.