have shared the new song "Fear in Non Fiction" featuring Thursday's Geoff Rickly. The track comes ahead of their new album, This World Is Going to Ruin Youout March 4 via Closed Casket Activities.

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" continually give me hope," says Rickly in a press release. "They never stop pushing: pushing the limits of their sound, pushing themselves to the edge of their physical abilities to make noise. On this album, they incorporate avant-garde elements, socially acute lyrics and wild soundscapes, without ever sacrificing the absolute brutality of their early songs. I'm so excited to be a part of this record — a record that will push us all forward."

Listen to "Fear in Non Fiction" below.

Previously, shared the video for "The Killing Womb," a ferocious example of's dark style of metallic hardcoreThis World is Going to Ruin You follows 2018's Errorzone. Pre-order the new album here.

This World is Going to Ruin You tracklisting:


[Photo via][/caption]1. "Welcome Home"
2. "The Killing Womb"
3. "Versus Wyoming"
4. "Fear in Non Fiction"
5. "Lights Out"
6. "Wherever You Are"
7. "Magazine Beach"
8. "Inside Design"
9. "Hellnight"
10. "Orgy in The Morgue"
11. "Wavery"
12. "Funeral Sound"