Vic Mensa is proving his 93PUNX project is anything but a gimmick. Following up on his pointed “Camp America” video, he makes another clear stand on political issues with his video for “3 Years Sober.”

Throwing his message into the face of anyone who watches, Mensa turns every verbal weapon in his arsenal on racism, homophobia and women’s issues.

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Beginning with the rapper-turned-punk in front of a mirror, Mensa dresses in drag complete with a frock brandishing the Confederate flag.

Between fighting a Mike Pence lookalike over birth control, getting slurs marked across his face and being arrested thanks to a gang of BBQ Becky lookalikes, he holds nothing back in his clear shot at American social issues.

Mensa sounded off on Twitter soon after the video dropped, explaining his own thoughts on what the video means.

“The ‘3 Years Sober’ video is a statement about identity. I put on a confederate flag dress to be able to laugh at a symbol of hate, and played tug of war with Mike Pence over birth control…” the tweet reads.

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The singer also didn’t hesitate to address expected negativity before critics had a chance to.

“I had my face written on to get ahead of everything I know people will say about me and had a diner full of BBQ Becky’s call the police on me for using the women’s bathroom…

I know some in hip hop culture will see this and say ‘Vic’s gay’ (which I’m not), whereas if I was white they’d just say ‘he’s a rockstar.’ @93punx is about being yourself, fuck what people think,” the tweets read.

You can check out the politically charged video below.

Vic Mensa’s latest 93PUNX effort hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, especially from mainstream artists. Viral “Old Town Road” sensation Lil Nas X messaged Mensa on Instagram with his approval of the new song.

“appreciate u @lilnasx fuck genres,” the caption reads.


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appreciate u @lilnasx ? fuck genres

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What do you think of the latest 93PUNX video? Sound off in the comments below!

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