Bands like Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eat World may take well-deserved residency on every proper Emo Spotify playlist, but the genre is full of artists who never got the mass recognition they deserve albeit having helped define, and constantly redefine, Emo.
From Armor For Sleep and their ambitious 2005 concept record “What To Do When You Are Dead,” to both of Blair Shehan’s seminal rock outfits, Knapsack and The Jealous Sound, there’s an illustrious history of the genre that is often overlooked and tragically underrated. This list of 10 unsung heroes of Emo provides a cursory cheat sheet to some of the artists that have pushed the boundaries of the genre in every direction and warrant their rightful spot next to Weezer and Sunny Day Real Estate in the annals of Emo history.