With catchphrases such as “Basic!,” “Boo-hoo ass bitch!” “Nobody Likes You!” and what the Attila frontman describes as an “ignorantly long ‘Yeah’,” Fronz’ personal soundboard is the perfect tool for prank calling your friends.

Because we’d definitely get in trouble if we used it that way, we hit up Fronz when he was in town and had him prank call his friends. Watch to see what happens when he rings Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce and Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn.

We chatted with the charismatic and controversial vocalist about the culture his band has created where having a soundboard in the first place even makes sense in the first place.

“More than anything, Attila is just about forgetting your daily bullshit and letting go for an hour and just having a great time,” Fronz says. “We’ve created this culture around us of just carefree, fun, party lifestyle, and our fans are all really smart and happy. I love it; I couldn’t ask for anything better right now.”

Videography: Bobby Makar
Interview: Cassie Whitt