[Editor’s note: This video is the second in a series AP is presenting in conjunction with Invisible Children, a nonprofit dedicated to helping end the longest-running war in Africa. For more information, see their official website.]

We at Invisible Children, and the fans of many bands that support us, have been extremely lucky to be a part of these extremely special, secret, acoustic “thank you” shows being played in alleyways and parks across the country to help end a war where children being forced to fight as soldiers. 

The nature of a show that is this intimate and this sincerely dedicated to Invisible Children creates magic that is so unique, it's one of those performances you know you'll never forget. I got to experience this when I filmed Dustin Kensrue's show in NYC, and am grateful to AP for giving us this platform where we are now able to witness Chris Conley's vibrant performance in Austin, where the crowd is all but yelling the lyrics back to him.

Conley is using this video to promote a fundraising page with a goal of reaching $1,000 to build radio towers in Central Africa. Three winners will be chosen from people who donate over $10 to the SAVES THE DAY TEAM page between now and NOV 18. Winners will receive a personalized YouTube video from Chris to them or their loved one, singing their favorite Saves The Day song.

Enter and donate here: http://www.stayclassy.org/fundraise/ic-team?ftid=2448

Love Kenny, Alex, Lauren and the IC Team

“Living in a privileged culture, it can be easy to forget there are people in need all over the world. When confronted with the complicated truth of our times, it is our duty as compassionate human beings to give back, to turn around and face the problems wherever they are, reach out from our hearts to help heal the wounds of circumstance—and create real change.” –Chris Conley