Forever The Sickest Kids are set to release their new album, J.A.C.K. tomorrow, June 25, via Fearless Records. Today, they’re launching lyric videos for all of the songs on various websites scattered across the web! You can get the first listen to “Ritalin (Born In America)” here on AP.

FTSK singer Jonathan Cook told us a bit more about the song:

“Ritalin was obviously named after the medicine usually prescribed to help people who have been diagnosed with A.D.D or A.D.H.D. This is also coincidental to how hyperactive this song is.

It was written for the times in your life where you reflect on your childhood and start to see things from an older perspective. This is a song that I thing will translate very well because of the honesty of the lyrics and the tempo of the song.”

To read more about the making of J.A.C.K., check out our In The Studio interview with Cook.

“Keep Calm And Don't Let Me Go”
“Kick It!”
“Count On Me (For Nothing)”
“La La Lainey”
“My Friends Save Me”
“Cross My Heart”